Sunday, December 4, 2016

Switzerland: Antisemitic banner displayed at train station

Via Everyday Antisemitism:
The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has intervened after an antisemitic placard was displayed at a Swiss train station.

The advert at the main train station in Zurich shows a girl, who symbolises Europe, kneeling to kiss the feet of Benjamin Netanyahu. The Ministry have requested that the poster is removed.

The image is accompanied with text which translates to “We are breaking the international law by stealing land, expulsion and apartheid but our joker is the conscience of Europe”.

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UK: More British Muslims blame Jews for 9/11 terror attacks than Al-Qaeda

Via The Algemeiner:
Only 4% of British Muslims believe Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist group was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, a new poll published on Friday found.
According to the poll results — which were based on a survey of 3,000 British Muslims conducted by ICM for the Policy Exchange think tank — 31% of respondents said the US government was behind the devastating September 2001 terrorist attacks — in which nearly 3,000 people were killed in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia — while 7% pointed a finger of blame at Jews.
A majority — 52% — said they did not know who carried out the attacks, while 6% chose “other.”
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UK: Gov't pledges £13.4million to guard every Jewish school, college, and nursery and synagogue

Via Telegraph:
Amber Rudd has pledged to spend millions to provide guards for all Jewish schools, colleges, and nurseries and synagogues.

The Home Secretary said she was forced to act after receiving 924 reports of anti-Semitic incidents, including 86 violent assaults, last year.

Ms Rudd warned against the “increasingly sophisticated” tactics of far-right extremists in the wake of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

She said that groups were becoming better at harnessing the use of social media for promoting their cause and hauling in new members.

Speaking at a UK-Israel conference in Parliament, Ms Rudd said she was clear “we can only effectively challenge hatred and division by working together – not just internationally but at home – Government, police, local people and organisations.

“And sadly the Jewish community knows all too well what it’s like to live with the threat from terrorism and hate crime.

“Last year, the Community Security Trust received 924 reports of anti-Semitic incidents, including 86 violent assaults. Let me be clear, any attack of that kind is one attack too many.

“We are providing £13.4million for guarding at all Jewish state, free and independent schools, colleges, and nurseries, and at synagogues, and to support the continuing efforts of the police to provide security and reassurance to the Jewish community.

“We take the security of the Jewish community seriously, and we will continue to put in place the strongest possible measures to ensure the safety of this community – and all other communities too.”

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France: Mugger asks young woman if she is Jewish and then knocks her

Le Parisien reports that a group of eight muggers assaulted passers-by at Créteil (Paris) last Thursday.

The victims were ordered to hand over phones and personal belongings.

Several people reported that one of the thieves asked a young woman if she was Jewish.  She did not reply and he pushed her.  The young woman and another victim were slightly injured.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Belgium: Educational body screens film 'Occupation of the American Mind' by Zionist lobbies at 'Freedom Festival'

Several blatantly anti-Israel films featured at the "Liberties" film festival organized by Bruxelles Laïque (a State-funded organisation which promotes secularism and humanistic values).

The festival opened on 20 October with a film which was aired in Sweden by the educational broadcasting company (“The Occupation of the American Mind") and caused a controversy, but not in Belgium where it even received a prize.  The theme is not new.  In 2006 Jean Bricmont who teaches physics at the Catholic University of Louvain and is a fellow-member of the prestigious Belgian Royal Academy of Science, Letters and Fine Arts, warned against the Zionization of the American mind.  

Lifted from the festival programme:

The Jury Prize has been awarded to the documentary The Occupation of the American Mind, which explores the way in which the pro-Zionist lobby has for several decades been able to influence - and even shape - media coverage about the Israel-Palestine conflict so that it is systematically in favour of Israel. Carefully honed, effective propaganda seeks to impose on the American mind and media a truncated and biased vision of this major conflict. The film provides pertinent and incontrovertible evidence of this state of affairs. The Festival of Libertés jury has decided to support this film and its directors, who have had difficulty finding distributors and theatres in the United States. 
The Occupation of the American Mind/ Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States.This film decodes the coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by mainstream American media and reveals the communication strategy implemented by Zionist lobbies in order for their point of view to become the vision shared by a majority of Americans. A constant barrage of rockets on the news and an insistence on "the right of Israel to defend itself" are the main weapons of this propaganda campaign. 
The screening was followed by a discussion session with Sut Jhally, George Matta (film producers) and Frank Barat (of the Russell International Tribunal on Palestine, a kangaroo court made in Belgium...)
Other Israel-bashing films screened:
HOTLINE  - Silvia Landesman,  Based in Tel Aviv (Israel) 
Hotline is an organisation that helps migrants. It fights a hard battle for human rights in a country which basically does not recognize any refugees and does anything possible to send migrants back to their countries, especially South Sudanese and Eritrean people, who risk deportation and even death. Under threats and insults from locals who are often radically opposed to them and amid the quagmire of legislation, Hotline opens the offices of their mission impossible for all to see.
Best Israeli Documentary, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2015
A short animated film directed by students and based on the stories of African refugees, imprisoned in Holot, a detention centre for migrants in the heart of Southern Israel’s Negev desert. Its long detention times without trial have been ruled unconstitutional and while the centre is "open", it requires three signatures each day to come and go.
THIS IS MY LAND - Tamara Erde 
How is history taught in Israel? Or in Palestine? What kind of effects can the historical perspective presented by teachers have on young students? Are they building walls in their head even before becoming adults? This Is My Land explores three types of teaching, three co-existing worlds: an Israeli school, a Palestinian school and a combined school. Social Justice Prize, DC Filmfest (Washington), 2015 • First Prize Documentary, FIFOG Festival (Genève), 2015 • First Prize, PRIMED Enjeux Mediterraneens (Marseille), 2014

The screening was followed by a meeting with Tamara Erde (film director), Simone Susskind (a member of the Brussels parliament, president of Actions in the Mediterranean and a member of the major Belgian Jewish organisation, CCLJ, which regularly engages in Israel-bashing) and Hamdan Al Damari (representative from Liège of the  Palestinian Community in Belgium and Luxembourg).

Friday, December 2, 2016

European countries support UN resolution that used solely Muslim language to describe the Temple Mount

Via The Jerusalem Post:
The UN General Assembly overwhelming voted to support a resolution that used solely Muslim language to describe the Temple Mount.

Out of the United Nation’s 193 member states, 147 voted in favor, seven voted against and eight abstained.
The Jerusalem resolution was one of six resolutions condemning Israel and supporting the Palestinians that the General Assembly approved on Wednesday, as part of its special annual session for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which began on Tuesday.
All the European member states present in the room voted in favor of the resolution – countries such as France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.
The states that opposed the Jerusalem resolution were the United States, Canada, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Naura and Palu.  Those that abstained were Australia, Guatemala, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Vanuatu. (...)
The United States voted against all the resolutions. The representative of the US Mission at the General Assembly session spoke out against the “disproportionate number of resolutions condemning Israel.”
He further stated that voting on these resolutions “damages the prospect for peace.” 
“All parties to the conflict have responsibility to end the conflict,” he said.
The US representative added that his country is “disappointed” that the General Assembly chooses to single out Israel, which is “counterproductive.” 
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Kosovo: President bans sale and distribution of anti-Semitic books

Via JNS:
The president of Kosovo has banned the sale and distribution of anti-Semitic literature following a complaint from experts on anti-Semitism, Jewish Business News reported Wednesday. 
According to the report, President Hashim Thaci issued the directive after his office was contacted by Ido Daniel, head of the Israeli Students Combating Anti-Semitism activism group. 
The government of Kosovo and the European Cooperation Organization had invited Daniel and other experts in anti-Semitism and global terrorism to take part in a conference in the country's capital, Pristina, on combating racism and radicalization. To his shock, while walking through one of the capital's main streets, Daniel noticed that local bookstores were displaying overtly anti-Semitic books, including translations of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" in Albanian, one of Kosovo's official languages. 
"It turns out that there is a whole industry of anti-Semitic literature translated into Albanian and other languages in the region as part of an organized campaign of incitement against Jews in the Balkans," Daniel said.
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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Norway's 3rd largest city votes to boycott settlement products (and a comment)

The reason the Jewish diaspora in Europe does not defend Israel is basically because they are afraid of the consequences.  Obviously European proponents of the boycott of Israel ignore, like the French, over 200 territorial disputes and only focus on the "Zionist entity".  Hostility to Israel is a given and there is a view that Jews and Israel manipulate the media, the banks, that they have too much power and inflict "unspeakable miseries" on the world.  All this fear and hatred are very real and prosper in spite of the fact that the Jewish population in Europe is on the decline.

Via Ynet News
Oslo - calling for the boycott of Israel
Trondheim, the third most populous city in Norway, has decided to boycott Israeli goods and services that originate in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
A resolution passed at a city council meeting earlier this month accuses Israel of continuing "to aggressively pursue its policy of occupation."

"Illegal settlements are expanding, the construction of the wall continues, Palestinians are subjected to daily harassment and face major obstacles in their daily lives. This is a policy that Trondheim Municipality cannot support," the resolution noted. "The municipality will therefore refrain from purchasing goods and services produced in the occupied territories." 
The council also called on the city's residents to personally adopt the boycott as well. 

Israel's Ambassador to Norway Raphael Schutz slammed the resolution and asked the Jewish community in the city to condemn the decision. 

"The decision of the city council in Trondheim doesn't contribute to an environment in which peace can be achieved. Working for a boycott, rather than toward dialogue, increases the level of hostility and mistrust between Israelis and Palestinians," Shutz said. 

However, the Jewish community decided against condemning the resolution, saying it was a political issue, while its policy is only to condemn anti-Semitic incidents. 

This isn't the first time a Jewish community in the Diaspora refuses requests made by the Israeli Embassy to condemn a boycott of Israel. 

Israeli diplomatic officials say there is a trend in which Jewish communities abroad do not wish to be associated with the State of Israel. 

"The Jewish community chose to bury its head in the sand," an official in the Israeli Foreign Ministry said. "The State of Israel will always stand besides all of the Jews around the world, even when some Jews refuse—out of considerations of convenience and cowardice—to stand besides the State of Israel." 
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

UK: Antisemitic graffiti with Christian motifs in Aberdeen

Via CAA:
Antisemitic graffiti was found in Aberdeen on Viewfield Road opposite Gordon Highlanders, close to the venue of the Shalom Festival which celebrates Israeli culture.

The graffiti shows as Star of David and the number 666, described as the “number of the beast” in the Textus Receptus manuscripts of the Christian bible’s Book of Revelation. Alongside the graffiti is the shorthand “M2S” which is sometimes used to mean “Menace to society”.

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Germany: 300% increase in antisemitic incidents in 2015

Via Algemeiner:
The number of antisemitic incidents in Germany jumped threefold in 2015, the Times of London reported on Tuesday.

According to the report — which cited German Justice Ministry data obtained by the Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper — there were 2,083 cases of “attacks on Jews, Jewish property and hate speech against Jews” last year, up from 691 the previous year.

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Europe: NGOs new feudalism and how one German scammed the system in Israel

Via The Jerusalem Post (Seth Frantzman):
Recently a man named Sherzad Mosa walked into a bar in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region of Iraq, and was surprised to overhear a woman describe it as an “NGO bar.” Mosa wondered on Facebook why hundreds of thousands of refugees are living in the Kurdish region, and “kids and women” are suffering while “200 NGOs have more than 1,600 foreign people working for them and they are getting paid more than $10,000 per month and staying in the best hotels?” Others commented on his thread that NGO workers were driving around in brand new vehicles and spending just a few hours with refugees and then driving back to their hotels.

What these men had seen was only a small piece of a new kind of feudalism that involves governments, NGOs, international organizations and to a lesser extent media and academics.  (...)
Working in the Palestinian territories I came across these kinds of NGO employees and members of UN and EU government staffs over the years. Their fleets of SUVs plied the streets and their workers made ten times the local salaries. On their own they joked about the job they were doing. One German working on Palestinian election issues admitted it was all a financial windfall. There would never be elections, he said, “but I make great money here and get a resume builder.” A man we met who had a political science degree had somehow become a “security expert” for an international organization, giving “assessments” about threats in Gaza. 
Organizations such as the “Temporary International Presence in Hebron” are not temporary, existing for decades and paying salaries to Europeans who spend their weekends, as evidenced by their vehicles, enjoying themselves at Jerusalem or Tel Aviv bars. The new colonials call themselves “internationals.”

If the interest was education, in places such as Africa we would expect to see a process of indigenization, whereby high-level staff and well-paid positions are held not by outsiders, but by increasingly educated locals. But we don’t see that. In places like Haiti we see generations of NGOs paying non-Haitians exorbitant salaries to help local people. In effect what has happened is the creation of a new colonial empire, staffed with the same upper class Westerners that previously staffed the high echelons of colonial administrations.

“Working for the empire” has been replaced with “get a job at an NGO.”

This may be called “non-profit,” but there are large profits involved. Aiding the “third world” is not the selfless task it appears to be, but a key part of a system that has developed to move salaries from donors to their class peers. In essence almost all the money spent on projects in the third world remains in the first world. There isn’t wealth transfer to the global south, rather there are salaries that start in Europe and stay in Europe. 
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More on this subject: Palestine – ‘Occupation Incorporated’by Tim Marshall

Germany: CPR manikin hung with swastika, Jewish star

Via MDR (h/t JFDA):

A CPR manikin with a Star of David and swastika was hung on a bridge in Roßwein, in central Saxony.  The police are investigating this as a hate crime.

UK: Soccer fans chant anti-Semitic slogan on London subway

Via Times of Israel:

Fans of a British soccer team were filmed singing an anti-Semitic chant on a London subway.

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The chant by backers of the Chelsea club followed the team’s victory on Saturday night against the rival Tottenham Hotspur, which has many Jewish fans.

“I’ve got foreskin, how about you? F****** Jew,” they reportedly chanted.

One Spurs fan said the Chelsea supporters were “goading any Spurs fans they could” on the subway car and at two stations, the Daily Mirror reported.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Germany: Bank pulls plug on anti-Israel BDS bank account

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
Shutdown reasons may include terrorism and antisemitism.
The Bank für Sozialwirtschaft (Bank for Social Economy) has closed the account of a German group that promotes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the Jewish state.

The Cologne-based bank notified the anti-Israel NGO Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East that its account will be shut down by the end of the year, according to an article that appeared on the anti-Zionist website Der Semit on Thursday. 
The Jerusalem Post, as part of its reporting earlier this year on European banks that maintain BDS and terrorism-related accounts, found that the Bank for Social Economy account was listed on the NGO’s website, in an effort to attract donations. 
After receiving a Post query in September alleging Hamas links to the Jewish Voice group, as well as that it was spreading contemporary antisemitism and engaging in BDS activities, the bank opened an investigation, spokeswoman Stephanie Rüth said.
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UK: Boy avoids going outside after being beaten up and called a ‘stupid Jew' in one of 32 anti-Semitic attacks in north London in one month

Via The Daily Mail:
The father of an eight-year-old boy who was beaten up on his way home and called a ‘stupid Jew’ has said his son avoids going outside after the attack. 
When the child does leave the house, he ‘looks over his shoulder’ due to his continued trauma following the assault near Stamford Hill, north London. 
It was among 32 anti-Semitic attacks on Orthodox Charedi Jews in the area over one month that London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said he will ‘urgently’ investigate. 
Others, recorded by Jewish community group Stamford Hill Shomrim, included a boy, 11, who was threatened with violence if he did not remove his skullcap. 
The father of the eight-year-old told MailOnline: ‘He was very upset and shaken by the experience. 
‘He keeps looking over his shoulder whenever he’s out and about, he regularly tries to avoid going outside, and he feels insecure.’ (...)
A 55-year-old Jewish woman was asked, while praying, if she covered her hair on her head because Hitler had shaved it off – the thug then made a Nazi salute. 
Three terrified Jewish women were chased by yobs shouting ‘The Jewish people are rich, horrible Jewish people, give us your money’.
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