Friday, December 15, 2017

Germany: City cancels Hanukkah festivities due to ‘security concerns’

Via Legal Insurrection (Vijeta Uniyal):
The city of Mülheim in northwestern Germany cancelled its official Hanukkah festivities, citing ‘security concerns,’ German newspaper Bild Zeitung reported. All the outdoor Hanukkah events due to take place in Mülheim and the adjoining region have also been cancelled, the head of the local Jewish community confirmed.

The German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, where Mülheim is located, has seen an upsurge of antisemitic attacks in the recent years. In the nearby city of Bochum, the Jewish community leaders have urged Jews to stop wearing kippah, the traditional Jewish skullcap that identifies them as Jews, in public. Last month, the local broadcaster Radio Bochum reported that Jews “routinely faced with insults on public streets when they are recognized as Jews.” The broadcaster identified the perpetrators as “Muslim youths.”

A study published by the Berlin branch of American Jewish Committee (AJC) today points to “widespread antisemitism among Arab refugees in Germany.”

“Until now, reports that many new arrivals in Germany espouse anti-Semitism have been largely anecdotal,” said AJC Berlin Director Deidre Berger. “But this new scientific analysis shows that the problem is widespread in the refugee communities from Syria and Iraq. Anti-Semitic attitudes, stereotypes, and conspiracy theories are common, as well as a categorical rejection by many of the State of Israel.”

Country’s most-read newspaper Bild Zeitung broke the story on Wednesday:
It was meant to be the festival of joy — but Hanukkah has now been cancelled. The Jewish community and the city of Mülheim have cancelled the event planned at the symbolic Synagogenplatz.

The spokesperson for the city, Volker Wiebels did not speak of an imminent threat, but referred to the advice of the Central Council of Jews (the umbrella organisation of German Jewish community).

The city hall, exposed from many sides, could not serve as a protected site. “A secured indoor location could not be found at such short notice.

City’s Mayor, Ulrich Scholten, a 60-year-old Social Democrat said, “It is unbelievable that I have to witness a time — apart from the period between 1933 and 1945 — that a Jewish public gathering cannot take place due to security reasons.

Alexander Drehmann, head of the Jewish communities in Mülheim, Oberhausen and Duisburg, said, ”Most of all we feel grief, because Hanukkah is a festival of joy. We have cancelled all outdoor events. We are going to our community hall with secured entrance checkpoint, instead of being at the municipal theater. There were warnings, even from the non-Jewish sources, which I cannot name. It is a bad feeling. Surely one of the lowest points in our post-war history.

Michael Rubinstein, head of the [North Rhine-Westphalia] state association of Jewish communities of Nordrhein region, told us in Düsseldorf, “I use to get blatant hate mails, just as I do today. The difference is: earlier one tried to stay anonymous. People now write their proper names without any inhibitions. Apparently they feel that they speak for the majority. This should makes us do some seriously thinking. [Translation by the author]
The announcement comes just days after the antisemitic weekend demonstrations that took place in Berlin and other German cities. In Berlin, more than three thousand Muslim men were heard chanting Arabic slogans, shouting “death to the Jews” and “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is coming again” — alluding to the annihilation of the Jewish population of Khaybar, an oasis in Saudi Arabia, at the hands of Muhammad and his conquering army.
Video: Demonstrators in Berlin chanting ‘Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning’ on Saturday

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Belgium: 'Welcome in the Palestinian Territory' mobile telecommunications message

Via European Jewish Press:
A client of Proximus, the largest of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications companies, received the following message on her cellphone as she landed at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport: "Welcome in the Palestinian territory."

The message came days after US President Donald Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capitale of the State of Israel.
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Germans protest sale of Nazi toy soldiers on Internet

Via The Jerusalem Post:

A German father started an online petition to stop the sale of Nazi toy soldiers to Amazon, the BBC reported Tuesday. Manuel Hegel's petition says the toys "represent officers, soldiers etc of the Waffen-SS and thereby trivialize National Socialism."

The toys, sold by German firm CustomBricks, are reminiscent of Lego's toys in their style of design, the BBC reported. But according to Lego, CustomBricks does not act according to the values ​​the Danish company represents. Lego's statement states that the company "does not support the product in any way or way — on the contrary." 
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France: Jews are targets of 30 percent of violent hate crimes

Via Mosaic Magazine (Ben Cohen):
(...) Or look at France, whose 750,000 Jews [a more realistic figure is 500,000] , despite constituting less than 1 percent of the population, were the targets in 2016 of 30 percent of violent hate crimes in the country. Over the last decade, there has been a growing trend of young criminals, frequently from immigrant backgrounds, targeting Jews for kidnapping and robbery as a consequence of the genuinely-held view that all Jews are rich. In one especially ugly instance last September, Roger Pinto, a Sephardi leader, was tied down by intruders in his Paris home who beat his wife and son as they demanded the liquid cash and jewelry that they knew, for sure, were stashed somewhere.

Where do these ideas come from? In the French case, there is a toxic blend of native anti-Semitism and streetwise Islamist loathing of the snooty Jews, most of which can in fact be traced back to the Protocols. In the case of Erdogan and the others, anti-Semitism is a political strategy, based on deeply-held convictions about how Jews, as a global collective, manipulate power. In the other cases in Europe and America discussed by Laqueur, any charge of anti-Semitism, after being instantly characterized as merely another tool in the armory of the Jewish lobby, is countered with a seemingly inexhaustible stream of novel and inventive conspiracy theories: that Hitler “supported Zionism,” that the IDF “smuggles human organs,” that Jews stand in equal measure behind, on the one hand, “globalists” like George Soros and, on the other hand, “fascists” like Donald Trump, that the hand of Israel lies behind the barbarians of Islamic State—and so on and so forth.

In the final analysis, anti-Semitism is a dirty case that can be advanced only by dirty means. The anti-Semites of Tsar Nicholas’ time may not have been entirely convinced of that, but any lingering doubts have long since been dispelled.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

UK: Wales politician claims that “Israel is only interested in the final solution” and that Palestinians are “effectively trapped in an open air concentration camp”

Interestingly, Pippa Bartolotti refers to the Roma - what she does not say is that in Europe the Roma peopleare heavily discriminated against, live in great poverty, many have to resort to begging.  Indeed they don't have a state of their own and that's why they are treated as they are by Europeans.

Via Campaign Against Antisemitism:

The Deputy Leader of the Wales Green Party, Pippa Bartolotti, has claimed in a Facebook post that Palestinians are “effectively trapped in an open air concentration camp” and that “the government of Israel is only interested in the final solution”. The comments followed a previous post in which she claimed that US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would “appease the wealthy Zionist backers who paid for Trump’s election campaign”. 
Writing on 7th December, Ms Bartolotti posted an aerial view of Jerusalem’s Old City, commenting:  “I think it’s important to explain that Jerusalem is not a Jewish city – any more than Israel is a Jewish country. Israel is in fact a western state, taken by force in 1948, in bloodshed and massacres of the unarmed and innocent indigenous population.” In the post to her almost 5,000 followers, Ms Bartolotti peddled the conspiracy that Israel is a “Western puppet state” and that wealthy Arab oil states are “in cahoots” with the British and western governments to to legitimise Israel’s claims to the land.

Ms Bartolotti went on to explicitly level two accusations at Israel of behaving like Nazis against towards the Palestinians. She wrote: “Palestinians in Gaza are effectively trapped in an open air concentration camp from which there is only slim means of escape”. She then invokes the Nazi language of the Holocaust in her claim that “The government of Israel is only interested in the final solution”. The Final Solution (Die Endloesung) is the name given by the Nazis to their programme to exterminate six million Jews during the Holocaust. Ms Barolotti’s statements qualify as antisemitic discourse under the terms of the International Definition of Antisemitism by “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”. When confronted on Facebook with the notion that “Comparing the Israeli government to the Nazis is grotesquely offensive and antisemitic”, she responded: “The Roma and disabled were similarly targeted by the Nazi regime, but they have not gone around demanding a state of their own”.
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Europe: "Trump is not to blame for Muslims re-enacting Kristallnacht on the streets of Amsterdam"

Via Tablet Magazine (James Kirchick):
(...) Donald Trump is not to blame for Muslims re-enacting Kristallnacht on the streets of Amsterdam. Neither is Israel. Europeans are. In particular, Nazi Germany’s attempt to solve Europe’s “Jewish problem” has been followed by decades of nauseating indulgence of Arab and Muslim fantasies about wiping out Israel, and the assumption that every adverse development in the mostly one-sided “peace process” between Israel and the Arab world, and every real or imagined indignity visited upon any Palestinian by any Israeli–Arab offenses against Palestinians or other Arabs don’t count–is a natural reason for people to attack and murder Jews anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Encouraging poor and disenfranchised Muslims to stew in hate propaganda so as to direct their resentments away from their lazy and corrupt rulers and towards “Zionists” is a threadbare trick that only people hardened by centuries of colonial administration could continue to play, especially in the wake of the Holocaust. Europe has grown rich through such grotesqueries, which also provide a convenient safety-valve for the social and economic dissatisfactions of the continent’s underclass along with a self-administered dose of exculpation for the mass extermination within living memory of the vast majority of Europe’s Jews in gas chambers and before firing squads. Claiming that divide-and-rule tactics used against one’s own population constitute some higher form of morality is a truly rare kind of obscenity. As anti-Semitic mobs raged across his country, former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt—a fervent twitterer who is never at a loss when it comes to criticizing baleful developments in other countries—saw fit to tweet this.

Yet to obfuscate the ways in which Muslims are actually attacking Jews in Europe and the Middle East, fueled by hate-propaganda produced by other Muslims, is to engage in an equally dangerous species of denialism. Events over the weekend should spark a long-overdue, honest conversation about anti-Semitism in Europe, the sources of which people are too afraid to talk about–but should. The rise of nationalist movements across the continent in recent years has led many to assume that the far-right is mainly responsible for resurgent anti-Semitism. But the facts indicate that assumption is false: Anti-Semitic harassment in Europe is predominantly Muslim in origin, with leftists coming in a strong second place.
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Sweden: Second synagogue firebombed

Via European Jewish Congress:
A second synagogue in Sweden was firebombed, this time in Malmö. An attempt was also made to set light to a funeral chapel at a Jewish cemetery in the city. This comes after a synagogue was firebombed in Gothenburg on Saturday. According to reports in the Swedish press, two firebombs were found at the site and had burned out on the spot.  
No injuries were reported. Police were investigating the incident as a suspected hate crime. Sveriges Radio reported that on Friday, demonstrators at a rally in Malmö against the US declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Jerusalem chanted: “We have announced the intifada from Malmö. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews.”  
Protests held in other European cities also involved antisemitic chants. In London, protesters shouted the Jihadi chant ‘Khaybar, Khaybar’ outside the US Embassy. This “can only be interpreted as a call to incite violence against Jewish people,” said British Jewish leaders in a statement released on Monday.

Sweden: Outpouring of anti-Semitism for which officials blame Israel

Via Mosaic Magazine:
Following the American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, there have been anti-Semitic demonstrations in many European countries. Particularly severe is the situation in Sweden: crowds walk through the streets threatening violence against “the Jews,” and both a synagogue and a Jewish funeral home have been firebombed. Bruce Bawer examines the reactions:
Svante Weyler, head of the Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism, told the daily Aftonbladet that . . . anti-Semitism is, indeed, quite severe and on the rise in Europe—especially in Sweden—but, unless Aftonbladet cut something out, he was careful not to mention Islam. (That is par for the course.) . . .
Weyler [also] pointed out that “those young people who were gathered together in the synagogue [at the time of the attack] have no direct connection to what is happening in the Middle East or to what Trump does.” Rarely does a European Jewish leader—or anyone, for that matter—simply stand up and defend Israel.
It is not just European Jewish leaders who, in such cases, feel driven to draw a sharp distinction between European Jews and the Jewish state. In an interview with [another Swedish paper], a member of the city council in Gothenburg, [where the attack on the synagogue took place], lamented the fact that “Jews in Sweden are held responsible for what Israel thinks is right or wrong.” Such remarks, of course, imply, [first of all], that Swedish Jews, being Swedes, are surely too sensible and humane to agree in any large numbers with Israeli (or pro-Israeli) policies or actions, and [second], that Israel, by virtue of its supposedly provocative behavior, is at least indirectly responsible for anti-Jewish attacks in Europe. . . .
The attack on the Gothenburg synagogue may have been immediately triggered by Trump’s recognition of Israel’s capital, but it is part of a pattern of persecution and savagery that has [long] been in place, and that has been systematically ignored, denied, or played down by the news media and public officials.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Czech President says EU’s anti-Israel stance on Jerusalem is ‘cowardice,’

Via The Jerusalem Post:
 “The European Union, cowards, are doing all they can so a pro-Palestinian terrorist movement can have supremacy over a pro-Israeli movement,” Zeman said, according to the AFP news agency.
He spoke Saturday at an event of the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy Party.

Zeman and the Czech Republic are known for their strong support of Israel. Immediately after Trump’s speech on Wednesday, the Czech Foreign Ministry announced its recognition of west Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In September, Zeman also spoke of international cowardice regarding Israel and cited as an example the refusal by almost all the world’s nations to recognize Israel as a Jewish state or acknowledge Jerusalem as its capital.

He went even further during a speech in New York given at an event sponsored by the The Algemeiner newspaper, in which he called for all embassies in Tel Aviv to be moved to Jerusalem.
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Poland appoints ex-banker with Jewish roots as prime minister

Via Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
A politician with Jewish roots who said that both of his aunts were rescued by non-Jews during the Holocaust was appointed the country’s prime minister amid a Cabinet reshuffle.

Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, a former bank chairman in the Santander Group, was tapped Thursday to take charge of the Polish government as it gears up for parliamentary elections in 2019, the ruling Law and Justice party announced. He succeeds Beata Maria Szydło, also of the right-wing party, who has served in the post since 2015.

Morawiecki, 49, who was not even a member of Law and Justice two years ago, joined the government as minister for economic development in 2015 before adding the post of finance minister last year.

His Jewish roots were known in Poland. Morawiecki spoke about it in some detail earlier this year at a ceremony at the Warsaw Zoo honoring a former zoo director and his wife, Jan and Antonina Żabiński, who saved hundreds of Jews there, and other rescuers.

“Always at such ceremonies I begin reflecting on my family’s own story,” Morawiecki said. “My aunt Irena was a Jew, she survived the war and as a child of 10. Until she was 16, she stayed with a Polish family who rescued her” with help from a few dozen other non-Jewish Poles who risked their lives to hide her, he said.

Another aunt, named Roma, now lives in Israel, he said. She survived the Holocaust because she escaped eastward, Morawiecki said, presumably to Russian-held territories, while the rest of her family died.
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UK: Shouts of 'Khayber, Khayber ya Yahud' outside US embassy

Via Harry's Place:
Tonight outside the US embassy in London; "Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud" or "Jews, remember Khaybar the army of Muhammad is returning". They mean Zionists tho...@PSCupdates are they your banners they're holding?

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Sweden: Firebombs hurled at synagogue after protest march about Jerusalem

The Local has a photo of Swedes burning the Israeli flag.  Have a look.

Via Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
More than a dozen men hurled firebombs at a synagogue in Gothenburg in southern Sweden hours after locals marched in the city against the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 
No one was injured in the attack Saturday night, which ended without major damage to property, the online edition of the Expressen daily reported.

Dvir Maoz, the World Bnei Akiva youth movement’s emissary in Gothenburg, told JTA that the attack happened a little after 10 p.m. while youths from the local Jewish community were attending a party inside the synagogue complex. Looking outside from inside the synagogue lobby area, he said he saw in the corner of his eye “a ball of fire” approaching the building. “The guards saw it in the security cameras and called police right away. The children were stressed, it was the first time they had ever experienced a terrorist attack near them.” (...)

Hours before the attack, which police are investigating, several hundred people marched through the city’s center in protest of President Donald Trump’s declaration on Wednesday that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, George Braun, the head of the community, told JTA. Police do not have suspects in custody.

“It is unconscionable that Jews are under attack on the streets of Europe, whether by terrorists hurling Molotov cocktails or openly and brazenly calling for the mass murder of Jews in Malmo, Vienna and Paris,” European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor said in a statement. 
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Danish MEP: 'Europe has decided to live in total ignorance of what is the situation on the ground, that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State of Israel'

Via European Jewish Press:
"It seems that Europe has just decided to live in total ignorance of what is the situation on the ground, that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State of Israel." said Anders Vistisen, Danish Member of the European Parliament, in remarks about the EU negative reaction to US President Trump decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.

"It is a fact," said Vistisen, who is first Vice Chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET), as he addressed the General Assembly of the European Jewish Parliament in the premises of the EU assembly.

He found it a "paradox" that the people who are threatening to use violence and terrorism are seen as the "victims" while the people who are offering peace and offering to everyone to come to Jerusalem for worship are considered the "aggressors."

"I don’t think you'll find such an example elsewhere in the world," he said.

"I say as I can that I believe that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish People and of the Jewish state of Israel.  I strongly believe that the only way as Christian to go their and worship in peace is if it is secured by the State of Israel," Vistisen said.

He deplored that Israel’s existence is challenged in the European Parliament, recalling that despite his efforts "we couldn’t get a majority within the parliament for a resolution saying that Hamas is a terrorist organization."
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Arabs, Europe, UN reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Via The Jerusalem Post: 
European countries, Egypt and Russia are slated to rail against US President Donald Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, when the United Nations Security Council holds a meeting on the matter in New York on Friday.

PLO Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour called on the council “to act swiftly” to avoid “this extremely dangerous situation, which constitutes a threat to international peace and security,” according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA. (...)  
It’s expected that the US, one of five Security Council countries with veto power, would block any action against Israel.

The request for the meeting was put forward by Bolivia, Egypt, France, Italy, Senegal, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

It’s expected that Mansour, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon will also speak before the 15-member body. (...)

Earlier this year Russia recognized that west Jerusalem was Israel’s capital – it was the first country to do so. On Wednesday the Czech Republic also stated that west Jerusalem was Israel’s capital.

Trump did not geographically define territory when issuing his declaration, but rather, left the definition vague, so that it would be possible to presume he was not referring to all of the city.
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Germany: Merkel condemns Trump decision on Jerusalem

Via PJ Media (Michael van der Galien):
President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's official capital and his announcement that he would move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to that city has sparked outrage not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe. 
One European leader who has condemned Trump's announcement is Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. Although you'd expect her to tread extremely carefully when talking about Israel -- considering her country's horrible record regarding the treatment of Jews -- nothing could be further from the truth. (...)

Her foreign secretary, Sigmar Gabriel, agrees with Merkel's position. "I believe that it carries the risk that an already difficult situation in the Middle East and in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will escalate even further," he added to Merkel's statement. He also complained that Trump's announcement supposedly ignores the Palestinians' interests and marks a 180-degree turn from the previous U.S. policy. "And that worries us," Gabriel said. "We hope that this concern can be taken away, but this turnaround is already a big problem." (...)

Of course, both Merkel and Gabriel forgot to mention that the Palestinians haven't given "peace a chance" for decades — not even when Israel was willing to make serious concessions when the United States still considered Tel Aviv Israel's capital. It's difficult to imagine what more they could do to undermine the peace process than purposefully blowing them up time and again.
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